How can I get you at my school?

Minimum Technical Requirements:

  • A dedicated event space with a footprint of at least 40’ W x 30’ D with a minimum overhead height of 15’ (floor to lowest point in the ceiling; including lights, fans, rafters, partitions, air ducts, etc.). Please note this does not include seating for the audience.  
  • The load-in path from the Million Bazillion semi-truck to the load-in doors and into the event space is a clear, level, unobstructed path.
  • The load-in doors are double-doors with a removable center post. If not, the single door must have a minimum clearance space of 36” W x 78” H (including door handles and emergency bars).

If you are an educator and are interested in joining the waitlist to host this amazing (and free) program at your school, please fill out the form below.

The school has a:


The debit card and money app for kids and teens.

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