Million Bazillion Live!

Million Bazillion, the podcast about money for kids and families from Marketplace, is now a live game show! Take two game hosts, mix in a bunch of crazy games, and fold in the best financial advice available for kids today and you have a half-hour of edutainment schools nationwide will be screaming for. Money isn’t a game. But learning about how to plan and succeed the Million Bazillion way can be incredibly fun. This free live, in-school program will raise financial literacy in middle schools through two, 10-week nationwide tours. Get ready! Game On!


The debit card and money app for kids and teens.

How will Million Bazillion
help your students?

Increase awareness of the necessity of financial literacy curriculum across the country.

Reach students in a variety of socioeconomic settings to instill confidence in their financial decision-making abilities.

Reduce stigma and normalize money conversations between peers and family members.

Encourage curiosity to learn more about the economy and how money works.

Empower middle schoolers to put all their Million Bazillion Live learnings into practice with the Greenlight app.

Deliver a memorable performance that invites students and faculty to share laughter, excitement, and joy through an unexpected subject.

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